In 1985, Andy Hughes learned to surf. The exposure to contaminated waters has shaped his artistic practice over the past three decades. He has been amalgamating art, science, and nature to create art works that challenge and reshape conventional ideas connected to pollution. With a specific emphasis on plastic, he delves into theories connected to hyperobjects and wet ontologies.Employing a blend of traditional and digital imaging techniques such as photography, paint, wax, sculpture, and archival film, he generates amalgams of static and dynamic images. Actively engaging with NGOs, scientists, and other experts, he seamlessly integrates their expertise into his artistic expressions.

Recently, Clarrie Wallis, the director of Turner Contemporary, nominated him for the Gapado AiR Residency in South Korea. Throughout this six-month residency, he incorporated a diverse array of themes and concepts into his artworks, exploring ideas surrounding reality and surrealism, the environmental impact of plastic, the ocean, circulatory systems, and solar energy.

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